NCA Services

What we do.

We find you the perfect commercial or high end residential furniture supplier. NCA are a trade sales agency company specialising in commercial and residential furniture, FF&E procurement and interior requirements - with many agencies being exclusive. We would love to help you when you need to find a new furniture supplier, manufacturers or just to have some different interior ideas. No need to endlessly search the internet when all our partners have been professionally assessed. You (the buyer) can buy direct from any of these companies - no charge.

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How we help.

NCA is the right choice to solve your FF&E procurement. NCA are following the American way of commercial furniture sales representation. We represent many companies of various sizes who would prefer to be promoted by a specialist sales agency rather than employing a costly sales team. We will advise the right supplier for your needs. We can also recommend a supplier for complete FF&E projects. We can help you find those elusive 'little gems' that give you the edge over your competition – great value and designed to withstand the rigors of the commercial environment.

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Benefits of using NCA. No cost to the buyer for our services and no increase in buying price! NCA can save you hours searching the internet. We don't just work with the same old manufacturers that everybody knows about. We try to work with SME manufacturers who don't employ big sales teams or spend a fortune on marketing services. So you can see why they can make a high quality product for much less than the big boys. With NCA there's a huge opportunity for significant savings, quicker solutions - a new way of working.