1. Please explain your statement - 'Helping you find great suppliers - so you can create great interiors!'

The heading says it all!  We will find you already assessed suppliers in the furniture and interiors market to suit you and/or your client’s needs.

2. How?

We have over 40 years’ experience in the market. We have visited many suppliers assessing their products and service levels.

3. How do we save time and money?

By finding you the best supplier for your needs, quite often straight away! Greatly reduced risk from using unknown suppliers and the time saved from searching the internet. 

4. Won’t your costs or commissions just be added to our buying price?

No!  We act as if we were working directly for the company in question.  If any commission is due it is taken from their sales and marketing budget. Therefore, you get the same prices as if you had asked the MD directly!  Sometimes we do not earn anything at all, we are just providing you with a service and hope you will use us again.

5. Do we have to pay any charges for the services of NCA?

No!  This does really seem to be a win win situation for both the buyer and supplier. The supplier only having a cost after a sale has been completed, not like employing a sales person.

6. Do you have references from people in similar roles to us!

‘Nick is a real asset for anyone looking to work more effectively sourcing and selling office interiors, furniture and seating.’  See our web site for more references.