Residential & Student Accommodation.

With the ever-growing demand for intelligent lockers, we are highlighting an industry and sector that mustn’t be left behind when it comes to technology;  residential and educational accommodation.

Let’s face it, the internet is where the majority of us will purchase all we need, but with such hectic schedules, and given that items can be extremely high value and thus cannot be left with a neighbor, it can be difficult to decide on posting and shipping dates, or where to have packages and parcels delivered.

 If items are sent to home addresses, they may arrive when no one is there to receive them, meaning a trip to a post office, sorting office or other collection point needs to be scheduled in. 

Even items that don’t require a signature, having them delivered to any communal delivery location carries the risk of parcels going missing or even being stolen. Thankfully, the hassle and disruption of coordinating the delivery of packages and parcels can be eliminated where intelligent parcel lockers, such as our HUBLOK Lockers, are available. 

Lockers make package delivery and pickup easy and secure, allowing users to choose the most convenient time to collect a delivery after receiving an automated package delivery confirmation. 

Also use HUBLOK to send outbound items such as dry cleaning, Phone/Laptop repair and outbound mail.