07 Jul

Better design and better price!

The ErgoStak chair is new for 2021. It achieves all the essential maintenance-free durability of an all plastic chair, but it also responds to the demand for a sleeker, better looking chair for new and future classrooms. In addition to its looks, ErgoStak has been designed to achieve much higher levels of ergonomic postural support than the existing chairs in the market. This is a result of over 12 years of research and development (using Actiposture TM systems) and through finely-tuned support of the pelvic/lower spine enables greater levels of student concentration – the only all-plastic chair that properly does this. We urge you to request a sample chair so that you can feel the difference.

FEATURES - • ErgoStak is tough and durable, being tested to both EN1729 and BSEN16139, which tests up to 158kg (nearly 25 stones) of user weight – it has unbeatable strength, and it’s covered by a 25 year warranty. • The seat and backs have a ventilated surface texture. • Unique top edge detail provides generous handgrip for safer lifting, and a profile to support slung school bags. • Ergostak is fully recyclable and stacks superbly (10 of Size Mark 6 in just over 1.5 metres) • Excellent value as we are the only UK company to manufacture their own chair in-house, so no additional costs from 3rd Party suppliers.

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