Workplace management systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound and long-lasting effect on the workplace. As we move from the initial outbreak phase, into the recovery phase and you begin bringing staff back into your workspace, it is vital that you and your employees have the right tools available to ensure you can deliver a safe, effective and successful workplace.  The relaxing of social distancing rules will be gradual and phased, so it is highly likely that to maintain social distancing, we will find ourselves working between home and the office for quite some time.

 To ensure your workplace is safe, resilient and ready you will need to:
1) Control building density. You will need to lower the maximum number of people in your buildings to maintain social distancing. Initially building density levels may be around 30% of capacity. As restrictions relax this may rise to 50%. It will also be important to manage when people enter the building, you can’t have all 30% of your people turn up at the same time.

 2) Book a secure place to sit and work. Your people and teams will need a clear and simple way to schedule when they can come into the workplace. Ensuring they have a pre-cleaned place to sit. Choosing to sit alone, or in silos.