Symbiotic Saddle

  • While sitting on a saddle, a user naturally sits upright, whilst maintaining the natural “S” shape of the spine due to the open angle between the thighs and torso (>90°)
  • Ideal for prolonged sitting wherever the nature of work requires additional mobility (e.g. laboratory workers, dentists, goldsmiths, tattoo artists, massage therapists, hairdressers etc.)
  • Suitable as a desk chair in which case it requires a higher than usual desk
  • Symbiotic Saddle is equipped with a customizable balancing mechanism which allows for movements in different directions and challenges a user’s balance, similar to an exercise ball
  • Fully upholstered and ergonomically shaped backrest allows for dynamic sitting by following a user’s movements and providing a counter-force against the lumbar area
  • Suitable for all body types – Back height adjustment / Seat height and depth adjustment
  • Chrome finish
  • Robust and durable structure
  • 40-day money-back guarantee
  • 5 years warranty
  • EU product



Saddle: Width: 45 cm, Depth: 34 cmBackrest: Width: 42 cm, Height: 34 cmBase: 60 cm (diameter)Seat height: M gas-lift: 52 – 65 cm, L gas-lift: 54 – 69 cmWeight: 20 kgMax load: 110 kgCastors: For hard or soft flooringUpholstery: standard version – black, white or blue vegan leather (21% cotton, 22% PU, 27% acrylic, 30% polyester)Options: Natural leather (made on special request)